Hydromax series penis pumps have 4 different size, from Bathmate!

The world’s first penis pump used with water “bathmate hercules” (new name: Bathmate Hydro 7) was developed as a result of arge studies. The developed models were called “hyrdomax”. Hydromax series 5 size model was produced. Micro size: Hydromax 3, Small size: Hydromax 5, standard size: Hydromax 7 (same size as batmate Hydro 7), Standart size but fat model: Hydromax 7 Wide Boy, medium size: Hydromax 9.

Hydromax series good choice for beginner but also Bathmate Hydroxtreme series for professionals. You can look Hydroxtreme page too.

Hydromax models are 35% more effective than the bathmate Hydro 7 model. Yawning bellows portion more durable. Instead of the sponge pad part, soft rubber is added which is more durable. Better hydromax penis pump models were offered for sale.

The images of the Hydromax series penis pumps are below, and the sizes are the same as the height / diameter between the models. Notice: The Hydromax 7 and Hydromax 7 wideboy are the same size, but the wideboy model is thicker.

Bathmate Hydroxtreme series penis pumps: Hydromax 3, Hydromax 5, Hydromax 7, Hydromax 7 Wideboy, Hydromax 9

Hydromax Series Penis Pumps Box Contents

  • Hydro Pump,
  • User Guide and license last page,
  • MaxOut free sample sachet and Brochure.
Bathmate Hydromax 7 kutu içinden çıkanlar
Bathmate Hydromax 7 kutu içinden çıkanlar

Hydromax serisi bütün modellerde, kutu içeriği yukarıdaki gibidir. Örnek olarak Hydromax 7 modelinin görselini ekledik.

Bathmate Hydromax Series Penis Pump Models

Micro Penis Pump Hydromax 3:

Bathmate Hydromax 3 penis pump size chart
Bathmate Hydromax 3 penis pump size chart

Small Peniss Pump Hydromax 5:

Bathmate Hydromax 5 penis pump size chart
Bathmate Hydromax 5 penis pump size chart

Standart size penis pump Hydromax 7:

Bathmate Hydromax 7 penis pump size chart
Bathmate Hydromax 7 penis pump size chart

Standart size fat model penis pump Hydromax 7 Wide Boy:

Bathmate Hydromax 7 wide boy penis pump size chart
Bathmate Hydromax 7 wide boy penis pump size chart

Middle size penis pump Hydromax 9:

Bathmate Hydromax 9 penis pump size chart
Bathmate Hydromax 9 penis pump size chart

Hydromax Penis Pumps usage:

Follow the simple steps for correct use

Follow the correct usage instructions below to get the most out of your Hydromax. Note that there are slight differences when using in the tub compared to using in the shower! Also, this description is for Hydromax models. For the use of the Bathmate Hydro 7 (formerly Bathmate Hercules) model, see the relevant product page! For Hydroxtreme models, see the relevant models page.

1 – Hydromax penis pump Unlocking the key

Hydromax penis pump unloking the key open close

The ratchet valve on the top of the pump has three possible positions: top, middle, and bottom. Both the upper and lower positions ‘close’ the valve. The central location is ‘on’.
Gently push down and move the latch to the middle position.

2 – Placing the Comfort pad

Hydromax penis pump comfort pad

Choose the correct fit comfort pad and place it on the pump, taking care to align the marks.
Note that when using it in the shower you have to use the short insert; Choose what is most comfortable for you while you are in the bathroom.

3 – Setting the measuring ruler

The tube and rubber part can be rotated independently so you can choose to display the measurement guide at the top and monitor your progress if you wish.

4 – Warming up in the shower or bathtub for 5 minutes

Warm up under water for 5 minutes by taking a bath or shower. This will increase your body temperature and help blood circulation.

5 – Fill with water and insert the penis.

When ready, fully fill the Hydromax with water in the shower or tub.
Insert your penis into Hydromax, being careful not to spill too much water.

Pull the Hydromax towards your body to create a tight seal (this takes some practice).

6 – Push on your body to pump

Push the pump to your body with your hand to ensure that the water comes out from the tip of Hydromax and stretch the penis together with the water outlet.

7 – Pump for pressure maintenance

Hydromax is designed to relieve pressure slowly to avoid excessive suction damage.
As the pressure drops, pump again to regenerate suction.
Apply Hydromax once a day for 15 minutes or in 3 consecutive sessions of 5 minutes.
You should use it at least 7 days a week.

8 – Relieve and Remove Pressure

If the penis is fully erect and stretched, the session can be completed. By completing a total of 15 minutes with a single 15-minute session or 3 consecutive 5-minute sessions, you complete your daily session. To remove Hydromax, you must first release the generated suction power. To do this, press the valve against the popper (attention: press the valve surrounding the button, not the middle button!) This way, the suction power will be eliminated and you will be able to eject the product. Don’t forget to clean and dry your Hydro pump.

Don’t forget! Use 7 days a week, do not use once a day and for more than 15 minutes in total, if you see a negative effect, please consult a specialist doctor.

Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pumps considerations:

Do not neglect to store the Bathmate Hydromax penis pump in a dry way by protecting it from piercing, cutting, crushing, caustic environments and situations. Use and/or store by washing it with warm water and liquid soap every time, which is also necessary in terms of hygiene, after rinsing, drying it.

Do not use more than 15 minutes a day. Using the product more will not accelerate the effect, the important thing is to use it consistently and regularly. Use the Bathmate Hydromax penis pump at least 6.

Is the Bathmate Hydromax Original?

We have been selling Bathmate Hydromax series penis pumps since 2011. We ship to all over the world. Our international sales sites are: www.bathmatehydroxtreme.com and you can order with confidence. Our company information and documents are available on our Bathmate Contact page on our website.

Unfortunately, there may be malicious and counterfeit sellers who want to capitalize on Bathmate’s popularity, influence and customer satisfaction. IF! If you have received or encountered a fake product, please notify: “[email protected]” e-mail address. Bathmate is British made. Our company sells the products supplied from the manufacturer.

In all Bathmate penis pump models, a user guide book comes out of the box with the product. The barcode on the back of the license book is the same as the barcode on the outside of the box. There is a part that says PID code on the Bathmate Penis pump and this is different for each product. You can register the product by entering the information that we share the pictures below on the relevant website, and you also check the originality of the product.

At the bottom, we have added the images of the Bathmate Hydromax 7 model, which we used in the video shoots, to explain it to you.

Hydromax 7 box barcode same user guide barcode
Hydromax 7 box barcode same user guide barcode
Hydromax 7 penis pump PID code
Hydromax 7 penis pump PID code

Hydromax Series Penis Pumps Warranty registration

You can complete the warranty registration of your Hydromax pumps by clicking the link below and entering the information in the image below.

  • link: https://pid.bathmatedirect.com/registration/
  • Fill in the form with English characters.
  • Choose the product model and color correctly.
  • Enter the correct PID code that is written on the pump.
  • Where did you buy? When asked: Select OTHER ONLINE STORE.
  • Complete the process by pressing the REGISTER key.
Bathmate Hydromax series penis pump PID code control and warranty registration
Bathmate Hydromax series penis pump PID code control and warranty registration

Where To Buy Bathmate Hydromax Series Penis Pump?

You can buy from our company, we delivery all over the World with free cargo. If you have any questions, please contact with US. And You can check our company details: https://bathmatehydroxtreme.com

Hydromax series penis pump legal notices

The Bathmate Hydroxmax series penis pump product is not intended for use by persons under the age of 18. Our products are not sold under the age of 18. This product should only be used as directed on the label. This product is registered with the FDA. This product is not designed to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results in the description and references may not be typical results and individual results may differ. By using this site, you agree to abide by the Privacy Policy and all Terms and Conditions written on this site.

LEGAL NOTICE: Our company has been selling Bathmate products legally since 2011. We supply our products from DX Products, which is the manufacturer and owns the brand/patent rights. In addition, the contents of our website and Hydroxmax series penis pumps have been created by us, and copying and quoting is prohibited. Otherwise, our lawyers will make the necessary legal initiatives for our legal rights. To the knowledge of the public.



ProblemLikely causeRemedyComments
No erection / Partial erection.no vacuum because of air leak caused by poor seal.Ensure pubic hair is reasonably well trimmed; remove and clean walve.Problem is most often associated with inexperience; it resolves as you become more adept at using the device.
Pulling of the skin of the scrotum.testicles too close to sealing area.Allow testicles to soften by relaxing in a warm bat hor shower for a few minutes before pumping.Contact customer support if problem persists: with our whatsapp number.
During Pumping.Too rapid pumping; pulling of scrotal tissue.Slower pumping; continue to use device.Problem usually resolves as you become more adept at using the device.
Redness pumping.Too rapid pumping; over pumping.Slower pumping; fever pumping.Consult your doctor if this problem persist past the first few practise session.

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