Bathmate Hydroxtreme 7



Bathmate Hydroxtreme 7

Bathmate Hydroxtreme 7 is number 1 professional penis pump in The World from Bathmate.

What is Bathmate Hydroxtreme 7?

The end result of AR-GE activities is the latest developed “Bathmate HydroXtreme” models. The models are named “Hydroxtreme”: “Hydroxtreme 3” Micro size, “Hydroxtreme 5” small size, “Hydroxtreme 7” standart size, “Hydroxtreme 7 wideboy” standart size fat model, “Hydroxtreme 9” middle size, “Hydroxtreme 11″ biggest size”. It has a much more practical use with hand pump

Extra, our Xtreme models reach you as a complete set. In the penis pump package: Licence and user guide book, Penis pump, hand pump, red hose, special bag, special lock, cleaning kit, maxout gel 1 time for try, shower hanger with measuring instrument. It is also manifacturer guaranteed for 2 years.


It is the last developed standard size penis pump in Bathmate. , first model Bathmate Hydro 7, the first developed Hydromax 7 and last developed Hydroxtreme 7 is same size models. The impotant difference between these three models is that hyroxtreme has been further developed; and 35% more effective from Hydroxmax and more effective % 80 from Hydro 7. Hydroxtreme use is much more practical with hand pump. Higher performance in less time. As an extra, the comple is in a set form and only Hydroxtreme models can use with water and air. But you have to know this: best perfformance with water!


Length: 26 cm
Cleaning: Soap in warm water
Max. Penis diameter: 5 cm
Max. Penis size: 19 cm
Color: Transparent
Weight: 1.80 Kg

Preparing to use Hydroxtreme 7:

When the product reaches you and before use, after washing it with warm water and liquid soap for hygiene reasons and drying it, proceed to the usage phase. We do not recommend using hot water.

Bathmate Hydroxtreme 7 usage:

Follow the simple steps for correct use.

To get the most out of your Bathmmate HydroXtreme pump, follow our proper user guide below. Note that there are slight differences when using in the tub compared to using in the shower. There are also slight differences between the first model bathmate hercules and the hydromax series pumps and Xtreme models. Therefore, we emphasize these differences.



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